Welcome to Trip Warren.com

TripWarren.com is a website about me, Trip Warren. This website was a Christmas present from my Uncle Cali. We call him Uncle Cali because, well you guessed it, he lives in California.  He got this for me because I have been wanting to learn to program and he thought that learning how to program websites would be a good start. Using this website will give me the opportunity to learn how to use HTML, CSS, a WYSIWYG Editor, FTP and other cool things. If everything isn't perfect or changes around a lot you'll know why. If you have any ideas or like to work on websites too, contact me here. After I get this website thing down, who knows, maybe I'll start my own business! CYA 'round the web!

The beautiful intro image is created by mediadesign. Icons by famfamfam and icojoy. They are worth a credit for their awesome contribution.
I will be using page templates to add additional pages to my website where I can publish posts. It seems as though I can add hundreds of pages just by interlinking them to each other. How cool is that?

Latest Post.

firefoxYou can check out my latest posts by on this page. Click on the "Read More" link below in the post-footer. As I learn more about HTML and creating pages and links, I will add more pages to the main navigation menu at the top.